Lahna Marie » Souther Oregon Wedding Boudoir and Portrait Photographer

Eugene Wedding Photographer

A lovely story set in a wonderful place called Teepee Village Retreat outside of Eugene. This place was so magical and peaceful! I cant speak enough to the love that was shared here on this day between the many friends and family members of Jeff and Cheyenne…. I photograph these weddings and feel so overwhelmed with gratitude for being able to create beautiful images full of memories for my couples, a special thanks to Jeff and Cheyenne for making me feel welcome and appreciated! To view the entire wedding day click hereIMG_5474-1024x682(pp_w980_h652)MC2C1701MC2C1700MC2C1593IMG_5472IMG_5493MC2C1618MC2C1464MC2C1473MC2C1476MC2C1580MC2C1566MC2C1525MC2C1656MC2C1676IMG_5487MC2C1884MC2C1887MC2C1905MC2C1927MC2C1978MC2C2229MC2C2306MC2C2307IMG_5582

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